The Devil Wears Prada

Anna Wintour should have filed a lawsuit over this movie


Release Date: June 30, 2006
Director: David Frankel
Language: English

Who should see this movie: Millenials on a nostalgia trip. Stanley Tucci Fans (or should I say Stans? ayyyyy) 

When should you see this movie: When you’re doing a Stanley Tucci movie marathon. When you’ve forgotten what Anne Hathaway looks like. When you need outfit inspo. 

The sell: This was one of my favorite movies in middle school, but I rewatched it as an adult and wow it did NOT age well. There is a lot about this movie that does not sit well with me now, for example Emily Blunt’s character talking about her cheese diet and the boyfriend character’s shitty personality. I mean come on man, your girlfriend is working hard in her high powered job. Stop shaming her and saying shit like “you sold your soul.” Stop being threatened by your partner’s success, especially when all you can make is a shitty grilled cheese Mr. so called “chef.” For sure Meryl Streep is still iconic and she plays this role flawlessly, as does Stanley Tucci. Is it worth watching again just for the makeover scene, yeah probably. “Are you wearing th-” “The Chanel boots? Yeah I am.” ICONIC.

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