Tampopo / タンポポ

Food porn, literally


Release Date: November 23, 1985
Director: Juzo Itami
Language: Japanese

Who should watch this movie: People with high tolerance for “weird.” Self-identified cinephiles. Aspiring chefs. 

When should you watch this movie: NOT with your parents! When you’re with your friends or alone and are in the mood for a comedy that wasn’t directed by Adam Sandler. 

The sell: This movie is fucking funny. Everything about it is hilarious, even the bits that are grim or violent. Tampopo explores what it means to enjoy food and the many roles that food plays in our lives. The central plot revolves around a Rocky style training adventure as a rag tag team of unlikely mentors help a young mother perfect her ramen shop. But scattered throughout are unrelated vignettes of food-related hilarity and one very weird scene with an egg yolk. It’s an absolute riot, but I’m serious; Do NOT watch this with your parents unless you’re ready to have some uncomfy discussions about food sex.

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