Should you watch this movie?

Can’t decide what to watch? Fighting with your family/friend/partner about it?
Are things getting heated? Are relationships at stake?
Fear not.

Here is a one stop solution to all film-related disagreements.
My succinct reviews and correct opinions are here to answer the
age-old question: Should you watch this movie?

Latest from the Blog

Departures / おくりびと

Someday I’ll write a full essay on the difference between “Kitsch” and “Schlock” and this movie will serve as Exhibit A  YES Release date: September 13, 2008Director: Yōjirō TakitaLanguage: Japanese Who should watch this movie: Expats living in Japan. Classical musicians. Folks who have recently lost a loved one. Folks who have ever lost aContinue reading “Departures / おくりびと”


Catch me getting my hot take in BEFORE the Oscars so people won’t call me an edgelord after this movie sweeps every category. MAYBE Release date: November 13, 2020Director: David FincherLanguage: English Who should watch this movie: People who love movies (like, Love love). Folks with an interest in Hollywood lore. Political scientists.  When shouldContinue reading “Mank”

Cats (1998)

I’m about to lose all credibility MAYBE Release date: October 5, 1998Director: David MalletLanguage: English Who should watch this movie: The Broadway obsessed. 90s kids. Folks who’ve read the T.S. Elliot poems. When should you watch this movie: When you enroll in a free trial for a dance class. When you’ve just seen the TomContinue reading “Cats (1998)”

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